RISE-6G partners have edited a video showcasing how deployed RIS-aided

monitoring ​​​can help autono​​​mous AGV mobility

Please enjoy it thanks to the following link​

RISE-6G final demonstration video

                                                                                RISE-6G VIR​TUAL WINTER S​​​​CHOOL​​​

​December session - Watch below the 11-minute video describing in-depth WP3 goals and outcome​s

by Raffaele D'Errico from CEA-Leti, France - WP3 leader



Program and agenda by clicking here below​​​



                                                                                           RISE-6G VIR​TUAL SUMMER S​​​​CHOOL​​​

​September session - Watch here below the 11 minutes video describing in-depth WP6 goals and outcome​s

by Dinh-Thuy Phan Huy from Orange, France - WP6 leader


​August session - Still available the 8 minutes video describing in-depth WP5 goals and outcome​s

by Henk Wymeersch from Chalmers University, Sweden - WP5 leader



RISE-6G Description & Targets

Targeting the 2030 horizon, 6G networks are poised to pave the way for sustainable human-centered smart societies and vertical industries, such that wireless networks will be transformed into a distributed smart connectivity infrastructure, where new terminal types are embedded in the daily environment. In this context, the RISE-6G project aims at investigating innovative solutions that capitalize on the latest advances in the emerging technology of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RISs), which offers dynamic and goal-oriented radio wave propagation control, enabling the concept of the wireless environment as a service.

The RISE-6G project focuses on 3 main activities


Realistic modeling of RIS-assisted signal propagation

Investigation of fundamental limits of RIS-empowered wireless communications and sensing

Design of efficient algorithms for orchestrating networking RIS

​All this targeting intelligent, sustainable, and dynamically programmable wireless environments enabling diverse services that go well beyond the 5G capabilities.


RISE-6G will offer two unprecedented proves-of-concept in realizing controlled wireless environments in near-future use cases.

NEWSLETTER December 2023​

The 4th and last issued RISE-6G newletter is available here

5G PPP announces ICT-52 White Paper on  Test, Measurement and KPIs Validation (TMV WG)

Friday, 3rd of June : The 5G PPP published a White Paper written by contributors from H2020 ICT-52 projects. RISE-6G is one of them and has contributed to define the KPI towards Beyond-5G communication TMV. This White Paper can be found below.

''5G of wireless networks is at an early deployment stage, providing a single platform for a variety of services and vertical applications. However, novel  concepts as well as new services and related use cases, incorporating new enabling technologies to satisfy future needs, are already being  identified for addressing the  current predictions for the  performance requirements of the next 6G of connect-and-compute networks around 2030. Among those predictions belong the up-to-10 Gbps/m3 capacity, 100 µs latency, 1 Tb/J energy efficiency, and 1 cm localization accuracy in 3D, which will need to be offered individually or in various combinations. As a common view, wireless networks are designed considering the signal propagation environment as a black box that cannot be artificially controlled.  This would exacerbate the simultaneous fulfilment of fundamentally conflicting targets.''​