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Published on 10 October 2021

In a fast globalizing world where rising urban populations concentrate in always larger metropolitan cities, transport has become a major issue for mankind. As demand for transport continues to grow year on year, railway operators have to disrupt the mobility offer while addressing pollution, congestion and security issues. Rail transport is not just a market of the future, it is vital for quality of life. Given the challenges of climate change and the urgent need for regional, social and economic development, we must continue to act. SNCF – as well as the men and women we employ – has both the resources and the commitment to deliver. SNCF missions rely in delivering seamless, reliable and environmental-friendly passenger and freight transport, thereby contributing to develop tomorrow's mobility. The implementation of the French rail reform on January 1st 2020 reorganized the SNCF group in 5 fully-state-owned limited liability companies representing an industrial services group.

The SNCF holding company ensures the Group's long-term strategic and financial management. It comprises the General Directorate for Technologies and its Innovation & Research Department in charge of developing and monitoring R&D activities on behalf of the whole group.