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Published on 28 July 2023

December 2022 - Dynamic edge computing empowered by reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

June 2022 - Battery recharging time models for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces-assisted wireless power transfer systems

June 2022 - Analysis of Multipath Components Distributions Over a Large Array in Indoor mmWave Channels

March 2022 - Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for wireless communications: Overview of hardware designs, channel models, and estimation techniques

Dec 2021 - On Maximizing the Sum Secret Key Rate for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted Multiuser Systems

Dec 2021 - Engineering reflective metasurfaces with Ising Hamiltonian and quantum annealing

Nov 2021 - Cooperative Multi-RIS Communications for Wideband mmWave MISO-OFDM Systems

Oct 2021 - Reconfigurable, Intelligent, and Sustainable Wireless Environments for 6G Smart Connectivity

Oct 2021 - A Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface with Integrated Sensing Capability

Oct 2021 - Semi-passive 3D positioning of multiple RIS-enabled users

Oct 2021 - RISe of Flight: RIS-Empowered UAV Communications for Robust and Reliable Air-to-Ground Networks

Oct 2021 - Robust secure UAV communications with the aid of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

Oct 2021 - Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Assisted Bluetooth Low Energy Link in Metal Enclosure

Oct 2021 - Experimental demonstration of a mmWave passive access point extender based on abinary reconfigurable intelligent surface

Sept 2021 - Wireless Fingerprinting Localization in Smart Environments 

Sept 2021 - QoS-driven spectrum sharing for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RISs) aided vehicular networks

Aug 2021 - On the path-loss of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: An approach based on Green’s theorem applied to vector fields

Aug 2021 - Uplink achievable rate maximization for reconfigurable intelligent surface aided millimeter wave systems with resolution-adaptive ADCs

Aug 2021 - Frequency-mixing intelligent reflecting surfaces for nonlinear wireless propagation

Aug 2021 - Single-RF MIMO: From Spatial Modulation to Metasurface-Based Modulation

June 2021 - On the performance analysis of RIS-empowered communications over Nakagami-m fading

July 2021 - MetaSensing: Intelligent metasurface assisted RF 3D sensing by deep reinforcement learning

July 2021 - Terahertz massive MIMO with holographic reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

June 2021 - Channel estimation for RIS-empowered systems: Model-based vs model-free approaches, and opportunities

June 2021 - Reconfigurable intelligent surfaces for rich scattering wireless communications: Recent experiments, challenges, and opportunities

June 2021 - Mutual coupling and unit cell aware optimization for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

June 2021 - Multi-hop RIS-empowered terahertz communications: A DRL-based hybrid beamforming design

May 2021 - A reconfigurable intelligent surface at mmWave based on a binary phase tunable metasurface

May 2021 - End-to-end mutual coupling aware communication model for reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: An electromagnetic-compliant approach based on mutual impedances

May 2021 - Receive quadrature reflecting modulation for RIS-empowered wireless communications

April 2021 - Intelligent spectrum learning for wireless networks with reconfigurable intelligent surfaces

April 2021 - Analysis and optimization for RIS-aided multi-pair communications relying on statistical CSI

April 2021 - Assessing wireless sensing potential with large intelligent surfaces

April 2021 - RISMA: Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Enabling Beamforming for IoT Massive Access