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Published on 10 October 2021

Greenerwave SAS is a French deeptech start-up based in Paris. It is a spin off from Institut Langevin, an academic laboratory that belongs to French academic research centre CNRS and engineering school ESPCI Paris and is a partner in this consortium.

Greenerwave was created et the end of 2015 by Geoffroy Lerosey, CNRS researcher and Mathias Fink, Professor at ESPCI Paris, following their pioneering researches demonstrating the possibility to transpose the concept of wave front shaping, originally developed in the context of optics to control light in complex media, to the field of microwaves using electronically tunable metasurfaces and ad hoc algorithms. The ambition of Greenerwave is to commercialize the ideas developed at Institut Langevin by Mathias Fink and Geoffroy Lerosey in the context of the passive control of electromagnetic wave propagation using electronically reconfigurable metasurfaces. GNW has developed electronically tunable metasurfaces using knowhow acquired from years of research at the top level in the field of RISE-6Grials and metasurfaces, and the algorithms needed to control waves using these metasurfaces. GNW also develops the hardware needed to fabricate, control and use these metasurfaces from the routing of electronic components on the metasurfaces themselves, to the design of microcontroller of FPGA based control boards aimed at reconfiguring these surfaces at slower or faster rates.

The company designs, develops, manufactures and characterizes electronically reconfigurable metasurfaces ranging from a few 100 MHz to 100 GHz usable for IoT and RFID in the lower part of the spectrum and smart antennas and radars for higher frequencies. The IP is protected by a strong portfolio of 9 patents. Greenerwave is hence the partner of choice for the design and fabrication of RIS/tunable metasurfaces used within the RISE-6G project, the control boards to manipulate them, as well as the algorithms used alongside to control microwaves.