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Published on 22 September 2022

Sept 2022 - PhysFad: Physics-based end-to-end communication modeling of programmable-metasurface-parametrized environments with adjustable fading

Sept 2022 - Dual Gradient Descent EMF-Aware MU-MIMO Beamforming in RIS-Aided 6G Networks

July 2022 - SPAWC Creating and Operating Areas With Reduced Electromagnetic Field Exposure Thanks to Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

July 2022 - SPAWC Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Mobile Edge Computing over Intermittent mmWave Links

June 2022 - EUCAP Impact of a Transmitting-RIS on the Geometrical Structure of Indoor mmWave Channels

June 2022 - VTC Constrained RIS Phase Profile Optimization and Time Sharing for Near-field Localization

June 2022 - EUCNC Mm-Wave Massive MIMO Channel Sounding in Industrial IoT Scenarios

June 2022 - EUCNC Arbitrary Beam Pattern Approximation via RISs with Measured Element Responses

June 2022 - EUCNC A Novel RIS-Aided EMF-Aware Beamforming Using Directional Spreading, Truncation and Boosting

June 2022 - EUCNC A Novel RIS-Aided EMF Exposure Aware Approach using an Angularly Equalized Virtual Propagation Channel 


April 2022 - WCNC Non-coherent vs. coherent OFDM communications enabled by 

March 2022 - EUCAP Impact of a Transmitting-RIS on the Geometrical Structure of Indoor mmWave

March 2022 - EUCAP Sustainable Multi-User Communication with RIS

March 2022 - EUCAP Quantum-Assisted Combinatorial Optimization of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Sept 2021 - SPAWC RIS-Enabled Localization

Sept 2021 - SPAWC EMF Aware RIS

Sept 2021 - SPAWC PAPIR : RIS-Aided localization

Sept 2021 - SPAWC Dynamic MEC empowered by RIS

June 2021 - ICC Safeguarding MIMO communications with reconfigurable metasurfaces and artificial noise

June 2021 - EUCNC Wireless environment as a service enabled by reconfigurable intelligent surfaces: The RISE-6G perspective

June 2021 - EUCNC Simultaneous reflecting and sensing metasurfaces for 6G wireless communications

March 2021 - EUCAP RIS-enabled mmWave channel sounding based on electronically reconfigurable transmit arrays