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Published on 15 April 2022

RISE-6G dedicates a part of its activities in spreading the knowledge and achievements from the project and makes it available to the European and International research and industrial communities. Emphasis is put on dissemination activities to best-in-class Conferences, Journals and other suitable and major Events. The Dissemination strategy is supported through broad-scale dissemination pahts of this project outcomes and through this website that will be available at least 3 years after the project lifetime. The dissemination of RISE-6G results are planned thoroughly to achieve a significant impact in the whole world:

Research, academic and educational community

During project lifetime : Publications in international peer-reviewed conferences, workshops and journals. Material will be made available on RISE-6G website; Organisation of special sessions and related events at key conferences; Invited (educational) talks at Universities, Research Institutes, public academic and educational events, etc...

After project lifetime Open (free-of-charge) provision of public project deliverables and publications in the project website, which will be available at least 3 years (i.e., beyond year 2023) after the end of the project; Project results will be used in follow-up research beyond the life-time of the project. This will be national/international collaboration projects, PhD dissertations, industrial research projects, etc.

Industrial Community :

During project lifetime : Showcasing of proof-of-concept platforms at key events such as the Mobile World Congress (MWC) or the International Wireless Industry Consortium (IWPC). Contributions to symposia, organisation of Webinars; RISE-6G website & Press releases on key results and achievements.

After project lifetime : The project results will be actively shared within the industrial consortium partners. Proof-of-Concept platforms will remain available for increasing visibility for productisation of the project outcomes.

Governmental (policy making), Social, Environmental and Regulation Authorities and CommunitiesDuring project lifetime : An active exchange of policy and regulation related project results is planned with Governmental and Regulation Authorities and Communities in particular through European Commission, regulatory authority, and ITU. A focus will be on the social-economic impact of the technology as well as measures for ensuring environmental compatibility.

After project lifetime : Policy and regulation actions are always long-term. The actions will be triggered during the project lifetime but will then be followed up by industrial partners. This requires an alignment of the policy actions in the project with the objectives of industrial partners.

Investment Community:

During project lifetime : Webinars are a good tool in order to have an active exchange of novel ideas with the investment community. Furthermore, the project will investigate novel opportunities for interactions with the start-up, business angel and investment community through dedicated events.

After project lifetime : It is expected that the window of opportunity is limited for interaction with the investment and start-up community. The best point in time for interaction is expected to be in the 2nd year.

Target conferences and workshops:

Preliminary, intermediate and final project results will be continuously published through articles and research papers at various international and national known conferences and workshops. Considering the huge number of such conferences, the Coordinator and the Technical Manager will keep a critical eye on the quality of them while achieving a qualified selection of appropriate conferences to participate in.

High profile conferences, mainly in communication and networking domains will be primarily targeted, such as:

  • IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)
  • IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)
  • IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications (INFOCOM)
  • IEEE European Microwave Week (EuMW)
  • IEEE EMC+SIPI and EMC Europe Symposium
  • IEEE Antennas and Propagation Symposium
  • URSI: GASS, EMTS and Atlantic Radio Science Meetings
  • 6G Wireless Summit (

Further contributions are planned to European Conference on Networks and Communications (EuCNC), European Wireless Conference (EW), European Signal Processing Conference (EUSIPCO), EUCAP, EUMW, APS INFOCOM, SIGCOMM, CoNEXT, ICASSP, VTC, WCNC, SPAWC and PIMRC as well as ETSI events such as ETSI Workshops.

Target journals and magazines: In addition to the conferences reported above, the following journals and magazines in the networking and communication field will be primarily targeted: IEEE Transactions (on Communications, Wireless Communications, Networking, Broadcasting, etc.), IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (JSAC), IEEE Letters, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Wireless Magazine, Elsevier Computer Communication, Elsevier Computer Networks.

Webinars: The RISE-6G consortium will target conducting or contributing to webinars. Broad industrial and research community, among existing relevant contacts of the RISE-6G consortium partners, and among community attending 5GPPP concertation meetings will be invited to those webinars. Invitations will be also published in the RISE-6G website and in the newsletter. More specifically, webinars will be organised after the first year, having the objective of presenting the project results. The content of webinars and dates will be published through the project portal and via social media linked to the project.

Skills and educational training and summer/winter schools: Educational training and the provision of new skill sets to industry experts and researchers are among the top priorities of the project. These objectives will be achieved through suitable invited talks and keynotes in the academic community, in Research Institutes, through the organisation of workshops, special sessions and Webinars on selected topics. Pedagogical case studies will be developed to facilitate comprehension of both the theory and practice behind the entrepreneurship and management related to emerging technologies.

In addition, RISE-6G will co-organise two editions of the 6G Como Lake Summer school, in 2021 and 2023, bringing experts of the projected (including ERC granter investigators) to lecture and showcase of prototype and hardware solutions.

Contribution to 5G PPP association and 5G PPP Expert groups: RISE-6G results will be disseminated to 5G PPP in order to outline potential future directions for 5G PPP and thus support smooth transition between 5G and 5G long term evolution, giving further visibility to RISE-6G outcomes. Most of the consortium members are active members of 5G PPP and active participants in some of the 5G PPP working groups. The PC and the TM will be in charge for the consortium of the liaison with approach 5G PPP members, the 5G PPP expert group and its steering member board and 5G PPP expert group.

Contributions to industry and research fora and associations:  Contributions to industry and research fora and related associations will focus on activities in the field of beyond 5G and 6G network declarations and definitions, such as ITU, 5GPPP, 5G-IA, WRC, WWRF.